Bank Holidays: What about debts and transactions

eisfores trapeza 696x388 An extension of the payment of due debts to the Tax Administration during the days of special interbank transactions was published in the Gazette. The decision states:

“The deadlines for the payment of the debts due to the Tax Administration, which expire on the designated special days of interbank transactions according to article 11 of Law 3336 / 20.04.2005, are extended until the next working day. Until the same date, the payment periods of installments of installments / facilities for the payment of certified debts to the Tax Administration are extended. “


The Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross Settlement (TARGET2) system will be closed on March 30 and April 2, 2018, on Good Friday and on the second day of Catholic / Protestant Easter respectively.

These days do not coincide with holidays within the Greek Territory and therefore, according to article 11 of Law 3346/2005, are special days of interbank transactions and the provisions of this article will apply.

On these dates, the branches of the Banks will remain open, as these days are working for the staff. However, they will provide limited service to the public, since the non-functioning of the TARGET2 system does not allow certain interbank transactions to take place.


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