Takeover of credit profession liberal

The liberal professions have a very specific status. But to any particular status, Samana Credit offers adapted solutions. At every situation, every need, we look for tailor-made answers and assist you in your credit buy-back. Professionals in the liberal sector have the particularity to exercise their profession independently and under their individual responsibility. The liberal […]

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Loans are advanced though often not at all

Thinking about borrowing money for the first time can be a little daunting as there are actually quite a lot of different words etc which are good to know what they mean. But if my penetrates a little more carefully in this area it is actually not so advanced. Sure, if you want to calculate […]

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Mortgage with residual debt

  Not a pleasant situation; sell your house and leave a residual debt. What now? Can you get a new mortgage now for a new home? And how do you pay the residual debt? We have sorted out everything about a mortgage with residual debt. What is a residual debt? Is your home now under […]

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