The liberal professions have a very specific status. But to any particular status, Samana Credit offers adapted solutions. At every situation, every need, we look for tailor-made answers and assist you in your credit buy-back.

Professionals in the liberal sector have the particularity to exercise their profession independently and under their individual responsibility. The liberal profession encompasses various fields: legal, medical, economic, technical and other. There are so-called regulated liberal professions and other so-called unregulated professions. These professionals must comply with the ethical rules specific to this status. In addition, they can practice their profession as an individual (personal business) or in society.

Working on their own, this special status can lead them to sometimes difficult financial situations because they do not enjoy the same job security as other types of trades.


A redemption of credit adapted to the liberal professions

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For all these reasons, we offer specific credit aggregation solutions dedicated to these trades:

  • Repayment of the loan up to age 95 instead of age 85 usually.
  • Repayment period of up to 25 years.
  • Mortgage ratio up to 70% instead of 50-60% ordinarily.
  • Possibility to take as collateral a commercial premises and not only a particular housing.
  • Debt ratio of 40 to 50% accepted.

For all the liberal professions, it is possible to take over personal loans and professional debts (URSSAF type, debts to a supplier, tax arrears, etc.) if the real estate portion is less than 60% of the totality of the amount of loans.

For example, if you are a liberal nurse and you have a delay in the payment of the URSSAF, it is quite possible to integrate this debt into your loan buyback.

Special case: the liberal professions

In addition, liberal professions in the health field enjoy special conditions.

The following business debts can be taken over in addition to personal debts in the context of a loan consolidation:

  • Professional loans
  • Professional discoveries
  • URSSAF debts
  • Retirement Pension Fund Contributions (CNAVPL)
  • Silver reserves (CMV type Mediforce)
  • Corporate land subscription (CFE)
  • Current tax adjustments

The sum of the professional debts must not exceed 50% of the total amount of the restructuring loan. The purchase of credit for professionals can thus be an appropriate solution to overcome the difficulties encountered with the status of liberal professional.


Liberal professions: buying back credits with Samana Credit

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If you practice your profession as a freelancer and you are interested in starting a procedure to buy credits, simply fill out our online simulation form and specify your professional status as a liberal. An advisor will contact you quickly to discuss your project and assist you in your process.